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These are links that we have found to be helpful to pet owners and we would like to make them available to you if you have any others feel free to email us at

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement Online chat rooms to help with the loss of your pet.
Delta Soceity Pet Loss and Breavement Helpful Bereavement Resources.
National Animal Poison Control Center Poison Contol Center for Animals
VPI Pet Insurance Pet Insurance
Western University Dr. Kavanagh's University
Therapy Dogs of Southern California Therapy dogs providing comfort for people
American Veterinary Medical Association Veterinary medicine in the USA
Orange County Animal Control Lost pets and animal services in Orange County
Irvine Animal Control Lost pets and animal services in Irvine
American Kennel Club Find out about breeds and regestered dogs
AKC Dog Show Superintendent Find out about dog shows.
Hills Science Diet Pet Nutrition
Freedom Dogs Pet Therapy for vetrans
PetWise Your pets information at a glance


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Updated October 14, 2013
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